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This page covers Keely’s work as a development producer in factual and entertainment television

I have worked at all levels within factual development teams, and across a range of genres from factual entertainment and features formats to specialist factual documentaries. I have had stints at various independent production companies in the UK, including Mentorn Media and Windfall Films.

I now develop my own ideas alongside my work as a director and producer and have several active projects.

I worked as an access producer on BBC3’s Don’t Drop The Baby (getting widwives and hospitals on board), Channel 5’s Bad Habits (nuns/convents), developed and wrote the ed spec for the 3×60 series Inside The Gang (Channel 5) and worked on police access for Traffic Cops (Mentorn/Channel 5).

I have worked on various funded developments for Channel 4 – including The Estate Fixers, with access to Guinness Housing Trust – and more recently in 2020 on a landmark talent-led, 3×60′ funded development for BBC1 on care homes post-Covid.

Don't drop the baby